To create a home that functions perfectly for you, the CID team takes the creative lead in designing your home or selected rooms. Working alongside tradesmen, contractors or architects to accomplish the space of your dreams.

Full-Service Interior Design includes our initial design consultation meeting, where we get to know the requirements and scope of work of the project. We will most importantly get to know you, how you wish to use your space and your aesthetic preferences.

After having gone through every step of our design process and presented all this to you for approval we then move on to implementation of your project. We will develop floor plans and budgets, source all elements for your home including materials and furnishings. We then move into the ordering, tracking, and storing of all items. During this time, we perform periodic site visits as needed to make sure the designs are being executed to our high standards. When the madness of the renovation is over and all items have arrived, our team, along with trusted movers and installers, place it all in your home for the big reveal!

Renovations can be stressful and overwhelming! We are here to handle everything and will carry your project from concept to completion. We will take care of every little detail and create as seamless and efficient an experience as possible.

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