Cléophée Poli

Creative Director and Founder

Cléophée was born and raised in Paris and has spent the best part of the last decade living overseas with her Australian partner. This time abroad heightened her understanding of the need to have a home away from home.


Her father is an antiques and collectables merchant and her mother a multidisciplinary artist. Growing up surrounded by art and vintage decor magazines, Cléo developed an eye for design from a very young age. As a child, she scouted Parisian flea markets, museums and collector shows across Europe and the US. Design became a staple in Cléo’s everyday life. 

In Australia and in London she worked within the commercial interior design industry where she put to good use her accumulated experience and training as well as her creative and problem-solving mind. 


With the arrival of their first child, Cléo returned to Paris. In this new stage of life and with having a family of her own, she realised the importance of the sense of home. She then naturally transitioned her work to residential design.


Cléo Interior Design is a Paris based interior design studio that was born to help English-speaking families living in and around Paris create story-filled homes and bring art to their lives. We thrive on finding creative solutions to designing beautiful and functional spaces that enhance our clients' quality of life.


Blending modern minimalism with vintage and artisanal treasures, we create homes that are full of character, telling our clients' stories and personal styles through our vision. Each project is unique, thoughtfully tailored to suit each of our clients’ goals, lifestyles, and personalities.


With a deep respect for artisans and their craft, we love to collaborate with local artists, makers and crafts(wo)men. We are always looking to curate one-of-a-kind statement pieces and vintage-finds that connect with each client and elevate their living space.


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