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Cléophée Poli

Born and raised in Paris, Cléophée's upbringing in a family of artists, architects and antique dealers laid the foundation for her passion for design. A decade of international living with her Australian partner expanded her appreciation for the concept of a home away from home.


An adept curator of bespoke spaces with an artful touch, Cléophée  seamlessly marries the charm of her European roots with contemporary luxury, creating spaces that resonate with sophistication and warmth.


With a commitment to infusing emotion into every detail, she transforms spaces into inviting stories that reflect her clients' unique backgrounds. Cléophée's touch will elevate your living experience where every detail tells a narrative of refined living.

About the Studio

Cléo Interior Design is a Paris based creative studio that was born to help English-speaking clients living in Paris and further, create story-filled homes and bring art to their lives. We thrive on finding creative solutions to designing beautiful and functional spaces that enhance our clients' quality of life.


Blending modern minimalism with vintage and artisanal treasures, we create homes that are full of character, telling our clients' stories and personal styles through our vision. Each project is unique, thoughtfully tailored to suit each of our clients’ goals, lifestyles, and personalities.


With a deep respect for artisans and their craft, we love to collaborate with local artists, makers and crafts(wo)men. We are always looking to curate one-of-a-kind statement pieces and vintage-finds that connect with each client and elevate their living space.

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Our Team

Nicholas Stöckling


Lovisa Bergström


Marina Edwards


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