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Cléo Interior Design is a fully bilingual interior design studio with a focus on creating family homes and bespoke designs. Our services range from overall interior design guidance to full-scale renovation assistance.

We bring our aesthetic to each project, combining clean, bright spaces with texture and curated vintage pieces. With function at the forefront of every design, we ensure each space is perfectly tailored to our clients’ specific needs and lifestyle.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or dreaming of remodelling an older existing space, the CID team has the design know-how to create stunning homes and the technical expertise to make the process seamless and efficient. While most of our projects are within the Paris region, we also offer distance design for international clients.

Our clients are those who see the value in professional design services. They trust our opinions and aesthetic voice and understand the time and investment in creating the home of their dreams.

Most full-service furnishing projects will take 4-9 months from start date to completion, with new construction and full home renovations taking 6-18 months on average.