At Cléo Interior Design every project begins with an initial 2h design consultation. It is our belief that one’s living environment impacts everyday quality of life, and as such we strive to provide a living space where form and function are given equal measure, combined elegantly, for practicality and visual aesthetic.


With this in-depth 2h home consultation, we discuss your personal style and goals for your space. We will be talking with you about everything that can be improved in your home. From furniture layout, to lighting plan to colour palette, nothing will be left untouched so that you can have a clear idea where your home project should be heading.

For every Consultation booked we clean up [200g of trash?] from the ocean through The Ocean Cleanup - a non-profit organization with a mission that aims to rid the oceans of plastic. 


Cléo Interior Design is ran by women that are also mothers. Having children ourselves we not only want to set a good example to our kids but also want them to be able to swim, surf and scuba dive in beautiful waters and strongly believe that the planet we live on could do with some help.


How long do projects normally last?

This depends on the scope of the project and what is purchased. Occasionally there are delays caused by weather, vendor vacations, factory errors, and other unpredictable influences, that are out of our control. The client as well as all professionals hired to work on the project are expected to not cause unreasonable delays in the project.

Can I shop on my own?

What if I decide mid-project I want to add more to the scope?

Since we charge hourly, increasing the scope is not a problem and we can revise your contract accordingly.

What about budget?

We can work within your budget, whether you are looking for a completely custom masterpiece or only wanting a few additional bits for your space to feel more pulled together. Having a clear budget is very important for the project running smoothly and for your expectations to be met.

You mention working with families, I don't have a kid. Can I still hire you?

Yes! While the majority of our clients do have little ones at home, we work with anyone who wants to fall back in love with their home.

You have hired us to design and complete a vision for your space and we ask that you do not select or purchase items because that selection may not be a fit for the design, space, or budget. You will receive a detailed specification sheet for items to be purchased directly. From there, depending on the service, you may place an order yourself or we will order selected items for you.

I know my home needs improvement but I am not sure what ?

We totally understand. It can be hard to put your finger on what’s working and what’s not. Email us to book a Complimentary Discovery Call, and we’ll identify the issues and start implementing solutions together.

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