Full Service Interior Decorating  is a great option if you have already remodelled or wish to keep the form of your home as it is, but you are looking for decoration or re-decoration to bring out the full potential of your space. If you are in the midst of remodelling, this service can be done simultaneously so we can be working on your project whilst your renovation is taking place!

We start with a 2h Home Consultation to review the project and better understand your style and functional needs. Next, we create floor plans and a budget for your approval, and then move onto the design sourcing and presentation stage. 

From there we will take care of all implementation, including ordering, tracking, delivery, storage and the install. Once everything has been received,  get ready for the most exciting part! Our team, along with our trusted movers and installers, plan a day (or more, depending on the size of the project) to come to site and put everything in place! This is where the months of hard work come to fruition for the big reveal

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